The Poser ancestral Stadt - WEIDA, Thüringer -

H{short description of image}ere is the Wappen for this very pretty town of about 10000 thousand very friendly people. The stadt is first know in the year 1209, but the area was controlled or owned by Bischop Dietrich I von Naumburg already in the year 1122. Papst (pope) Greger IX was the first Pfarrei (Priest) in Weide for the St. Marien Church. This church today is a ruin and known as the Weidenkirche in the old part of the city.

and here is a map that would help you find your way to this town south of Gera, Thüringer

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and here is a picture of the famous "OSTERBURG" build about 1229. Today it is Museum, and we would strongly recommend a visit.

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{short description of image}and last here is a picture of part of the ruin of the Weidenkirche that was destroyed in the 30 Years War. This area today is Lutheran.

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