This page is dedicated to my Poser family line orginating from Westerkappeln Deutschland not far from dei Hexenküche ( Witch's kitchen ) near in Tecklenburg in Münsterland and it's sister city Wersen. Both of these today are almost Vorort (suburbs) von Osnabrück.

Friedhof Tor zu Westerkappeln

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The two young men in the picture with gate to the Westerkappeln city cemetery are Gunter Böhlke and Charles Hofmann grandchildern several generations removed from Henrich Poser who built it before he sold his home and and business and came to St. Charles, Missouri to become a very successful business person there as well. This picture was taken in 1994, nearly 150 years after it was built, and I suspect it will look nearly the same in another 150 years. Click here to return to the top of the Hofmann Family Page.