GUT Besitzer Haus nähre Boldebuck, Landkreis Güstrow, Mechlenburg - November 1996

Here you see what is a Güts-Besitzer House, or we should say what is left of it after some 50 plus years of DDR rule. While you can see this house was quite the home for a family, having room for many servants "Madg und Knecht" as well as in some cases even a few soldiers. You may wonder why soldiers on the payroll, I suspect they were more like police for the owner as these folks were almost like little kings or maybe better described as tyrants of their time. You can only appreciate this description if you are able to observe 1st hand the housing afforded to the Tagelöhner und Arbreiter who actually did the work to keep these very large farms in operation. The housing for these worker families was in the front view of this house and looked like a long narrow barn of sorts where many families actually lived with their cow and perhaps a few chickens and pigs. The actual barn for the animals that belonged to the Güts would have been almost luxury accommodations. Many references are made to the fact that many of these large Güts went bankrupt when the families by the thousands picked up and left for America and Australia as well as some South American spots as well. It would appear the only hope to get out of perpetual poverty would be to marry one of the Güts children. Can you imagine the hatred there must have been between siblings when this happened and it was normal.

This is what we believe to be one of the "Tagelöhner" houses in the area. This house would have been split up into many apartments so to speak, each with a room to cook and sit in, and a space behind this to sleep, and normally behind this would be room for the few animals the family may have. In winter time this of course helped heat the home as well. Most of these are no longer in there original shape, as they were actually converted into more normal housing during the past 50 plus years. Please do not think this was confined to Mechlenburg, you can see find examples in Hannover and Oldenburg as well for sure.

Here is a picture of the schönes Schwerin Schloß on a November 1996 afternoon. The castle is under restoration on the outside at that time, but is in excellent condition inside. The painting of the Swedish rulers are hanging throughout the main halls. It was to a great extent the result of the Swedish rulers, that the counter-Reformation lead by the Pope and his Catholic Dukes failed and eventually brought religious freedom to much of northern Europe. The gold has been restored to the main dome of the castle. In the nearby old Rathaus is a museum filled with some of the most wonderful oil painting from Holland and the rest of northern Europe from the 1500 thru 1700s, truly worth seeing.

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