Harding Jefferson County Kentucy and Orleans Parish Louisiana Research

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  1. Jefferson County Kentucky

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  2. Jefferson Parish Louisiana

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  3. New Orleans Directories

    New Orleans Directories 1850, 1846, 1841 form ufiche 6044266/64/61/63

    1841 Directory

    Harding, William, 14 Bourbon Hardy

    , J B Treme, near St. Philip

    , J B Junior, 297 Daphin

    Rowe, Scillia, 89 Bienville

    1843 Directory

    Harding, Thomas, 120 Victory

    , C L, 150 Old Levee Hardon, Joseph, Independence near Greatmen

    Hardy, E B Mrs. Widow, Mandeville near Craps

    , P A & Co, commission merchants, 50 Cammp

    , P A, dwelling, 183 St. Charles

    , J Mrs. Boarding house, cor. Front Levee and Jackson

    , A, Treme near St. Philip

    , Philip, Treme near St. Philip

    , Augustin, 69 Greatmen

    , Celestin, shoe maker, 213 Burgundy

    Roe/Row/Rowe none listed

    1846 Directory

    Harden, B, 8 Carondelet St. Hardie

    , Henry Printer, 131 Poydras St.

    Harding, William c Poydras and Magazine Sts.

    , Edmond 355 Tchonpitoulas St.

    , E.K. firm Green & Harding, c. Benjamin & Front Levee Sts

    , William Hevia c. St John St.

    Hardy, P.A. commission merchant, 23 St. Charles St. d. St. Charles n. Girod St.

    , Augustin 9 Greatmen St.

    , Isiodore St. Ann b. Marais and Villere Sts.

    , Etienne 24 Bayou road.

    , Baptiste Treme b. St Philip and Ursuline Sts.

    , Robert gorcery, Love b. Elmire and Desire Sts.

    Roe/Row/Rowe, none listed.

    Note: no Hardin/Harden/Harding listing in 1832/1834 New Orleans directories but about the same Hardy’s as in 1846, however a Mrs Roe, St Thomas St, n Benjamin and Jas (James?) Row, warehouse-man, 118 Magazine St. are listed in the 1838 directory, also L. Harding, tavern, c Moreau and Elysian Fields Sts.

    1850 directory

    Hardin/en/ing - none listed

    Hardy, Ant. Tobacconist, Levee, b. Nuns and St. Mary, Layft.

    , Catharine, furnished rooms, 23 Dauphine

    , George, Melpornene, b. Benton and Liberty

    , John B, 263 Trenie

    , P.A. fifth division tobacco inspection, 5 Hunter, d.c. Nayades and St. Mary

    , Robert, 339 Love Roe, Mrs, furnished rooms, 226 Gravier , G.T. 210 Gravier

    , Marv 107 Circus Row

    , Herman, butcher, Jersey, between Jackson and Pudip, 1,afyt

    Rowe, James, engineer, Dryades, n. Calliope

  4. Louisville Kentucky

    1850 Louisville Census - Harden/Hardin/Harding/Hardy/Roe/Rowe

    Hardin, Soloman 50 M Stone Mason from maybe Germany, wife Susan 49 born in Kentucky and son Soloman 7 also born in Kty.

    Hardin, Elizabeth 21 born in Iowa appears to be living alone no occupation given

    Hardin, Mary 30 born in Kty no occupation given Harden, Mary 20 born in Ireland

    Hardin, Geo. W. 28 Shoemaker born in Tennessee

    Harding, Addison 30 grocer born in Va with wife Eleanor 25 born in Kty, and son William 6 in Kty.

    Hardy, Charlotte 40 with son James E 15 both born in Kty.

    Hardin, William 62 born in Tenn.

    David J Hardin 39, city clerk born in Kty and Laura 13 born in Kty.

    Hardin, Mark 19 painter born in Kty.

    Rowe, Elizabeth 65 born appears to be Md, like Maryland.

    Hardin, William 20 born in Kty, no Occupation given

    Hardin, no name give, 28 shoemaker born in Iowa

    Hardin, William D 45 Carpenter born in Kty, with wife Lucinda 44 also born in Kty. Children are Helen 13, THOMAS 15 and Eliza 10 all born in Kty.

    Hardy, Bartett 36 clerk born in Mass. Louisa 47 looks like born in Ga. Joseph 24 Paper hanger born in Kty, George 14 and Charlotte 7 both born in Kty.

    Harden, Soloman 30 carpenter born in Pa. Martha maybe wife 40 born in Pa, Soloman 7 born in Kty, and Georg 23 professon listed as none, born in Pa.

    Hardin, Martin 21 clerk born in Kty.

    Hardin, Nathan 34 Black unknown occupation born in Md. Hardy, William 30 boatman born in Maine.

    Harding, Mary 68 born in Maryland living with Elijah Rutledgge 29 wool bander born in Kty with his wife Mary D. abe 24 and children John L. 3 and Laura 1 all born in Kty.

    Roe, Mary E 19 born in Kty. Owner of $8000 of property

    Hardy, Joseph 24 born in Indiana no occupation given with wife Mary J. 21 born in Kentucky

    Harden, Aaron 19 occuupation Hastler born in Indiana

    Hardin, Gen William 68, wife Caroline C, and children Ann 18, Victoria 12, and William 11 all born in Kty.

    Hardin, Andrew J 25 hastler born in Indiana, wife Mary 19 and son Thomas 2 both also born in Indiana.

    Hardin, Eliza J 22, Namcy P both born in Indiana. Also living in same place is John Bumm 19 blacksmith, James Bradey 42 Blacksmith, birth location of both listed as unknown, and Thomas A Iennice 34 coachmaker born in New York.

    Harding, Edward 22 boatman born in Kentucky with wife Sarah and son William both born in Kty also.

    Rowe, David 40 butcher born in Germany, wife Louisa 30 and children Louisa 11, Polly 3 all born in Kty.

  5. Orleans Parish Louisiana

    Thomas Harding is found as a captian of a river boat or barge arriving in New Orleans in 1868

    Harding vital stats from New Orleans records 1870 Louisianna Census Harding, Edward Orleans Parish

    Sheet 738 4W New Orleans Harding, Mary Orleans Parish

    Sheet 783 New Orleans --- My great grandmother Mary Rowe ------ film # 8461845 Page 86 sheet 783 5th district of New Orleans, Algiers is recorded. Harding, Mary W F age 26 Groceries value of real estate $500 Born in Ireland Note: Mary is listed as a widow at this time. Her husband was Thomas Harding born in 1832 or 1833 probably in Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky.

    Edmond age 12 attending school born in La about 1858

    William 10 " " 1860

    Thomas 8 " " 1862

    Samuel 6 at home 1864

    Margarethe 4 " 1866

    Elisabeth 2 " 1868

    Note: Harding's in the Louisville 1850 cencus that may be related. n Edward Harding age 22 occupation Boatman born in Kentucky with wife Sarah age 25 and child William age 6. Residing in the 4th district 8th ward of Louisville Mary Harding age 68 born in Maryland residing in District #3 City of Louisville, living with Elijah Rutledge age 29 occupation Wool Bander and born in Kentucky with his wife Mary (probably nee Harding) age 24 and two children John L. Harding age 3 and Laura Harding age 1 all born in Kentucky. Addison Harding age 30 occupation Grocer born in Virginia with his wife Eleanor age 25 and a son William both born in Kentucky. These are the only Harding's listed in the 1850 Louisville census with this spelling.

    Harding, Edward - a native of Louisanna on February 26, 1887 son of Mary Rowe and Thomas R Harding married Mary Malinda Rummel the daughter of William Rummel and Johann Albrecht. The marriage was celebrated in the City of New Orleans by Rev Father J. B. Chataigner actually on the 16 day of February 1887. Witnesses were William Rummel, Mary Bunty and Josephine Kramer or Kramine. This license was issued on 14 Feb, 1887. Age of Edward Harding was listed as 28 and age of Mary Rummel was listed as 23. A birth record for Edward Harding is shown as March 22, 1858 by Mr. Thomas Harding a native of Louisville Kentucky aged 25 years residing on Bagatille Street in New Orleans. It is recorded on the 26th day of May, 1858. Stated " Edward Harding issue of deponent marriage with Mary Rowe a native of Ireland.

    Harding, Mary ----- a native of Louisanna for 19 years, age also listed as 19 years and daughter of Harding, no 1st name or mothers name listed, married on 9 July 1891 and recorded on July 21, 1891 Thornton Keys age 22 also a native of Lousianna and son of Wm. N. Keys and Mary J. Keys. Witnesses were Kate or Rahe (can't read) Harding, Walter Burn, and Albert Hurley. Harding, Samuel - MY GREAT GRANDFATHER - Recorded in New Orleans as Samuel Hardy son of Thomas S. Hardy and Mary Row volume 40 page 145 as white mail born January 5, 1864. The death is recorded as Samuel Harding age 70 years white mail on august 5, 1934 in volume 205 page 792 of the Orleans Parish records. Marriage is shown as Samuel J. Harding to Widow of Robert Albrecht, my Great Grandmother on September, 28, 1889 in Orleans Parish volume 14 page 6 records. EXACT WORDS on birth certificate: " Thea Begorf a native of New Orleans residing in this city by these present declare that on the fifth of January eighteen hundred and sixty-four ( 5 January 1864) at nine O'clock PM in this city was born a male child named Samuel Hardy (mis-spelled from Harding) lawful son of Thomas S Hardy with Miss Mary Row." Recorded the 23 of May, 1866 more than 2 years later. WEDDING Info …. Marriage date was September 28, 1889 between Samuel J. Harding a native of Algiers son of Thomas R. Harding and Mary Roe to Mathilda Margaret Oelschlegel widow of Robert Albrecht a native of Germany daughter of Micholas Oelschlegel and Margaretha Haas. Recorded October 2, 1889 in the City of New Orleans, and performed by REV FATHER J.J.MOSAIN. Wittnesses where Herman Heitmeier Jr. And Della Heitmeier. Witness at license issuing was James Kirkpatrick and Herman Heitmeier Jr. License is filed in Book 25 Folio 242.

    Harding, William - Born December 29, 1859. Parents listed as Thomas Harding and Mary Rowe in Volume 26 page 462 of the Orleans Parish records. It is stated. " Mr. Thomas Harding a native of Louisville Kentucky age about 27 years and residing in this city (New Orleans) on Derbying No. 84 had a male child on December 29, 1859 named William Harding of ilitmate mespthe marriage of deponent with Mary Rowe a native of Ireland. Harding, Mary D - Marriage of Miss Mary D Harding a native of Louisanna , daughter of Thomas Harding and Maria Roe. Wedding performed by the Rev. Father James Goggan on June 24, 1886 to Hermann Heitmeier also a native of Lousianna (New Orleans) and son of Hermann Heitmeier and Malhurga? Zimmermann. Witnesses where William Odenwald, Josephine Kramer, and Mary Bunety. Volume 11 page 931 in Orleans Parish marriage records. Harding, Thomas - Born January 22, 1862 and recorded as Thomas Hardy, son of Thomas Samuel Hardy and Mary Row as white male in Volume 40 page 145 Orleans Parish records. It is stated by Then Bigort a native of New Orleans residing corner St Mary's and Camp street that on the 22nd of January 1862 in this city (New Orleans) has been born a male child named Thomas Hardy (misspelled) lawful sone of Ths Samuel Hardy with Miss Mary Row. It is recorded on the 23 of May in 1866 several years later. It may be that Thomas Harding was serving in the Civil War as a soldier during this time and for some reason did not register the births of his children at the time. Harding, Thomas (F) - It is recorded that a Thomas H. Hardin a native of Kentucky died August 5, 1869 in Algiers of congestive Fever by S Guilland a native of France residing in Algiers.

    Mary Harding is listed as a widow in Algiers in the 1870 census with 6 children including the afore mentioned. He is listed as 36 years old at time of death in volume 45 page 608. Harding, Samuel - My Great Grandfather DEATH is recorded 7 August, 1934 by W. Ambrose and undertaker native of this city (New Orleans) who hereby declares that SAMUEL HARDING, (white) a niative of (blank) aged 70 years, departed this life yesterday 6th of August 1834 at No. 307 Opelosas Ave in this city. Cause of death "Hyperthrphy of Prostate Supp Cystotomy, Broncho Pneumonia. Chr Nephritis. Certificate of Dr. P.J.Saleeby. Deceased was sthe husband of the late Mathilda Oelchecelbrecht (really bad spelling) A Boiler Insp. And son of Thos Harding and Mary Row# a native of Ireland. Witness were W. Ambrose, P.H. Lanauze and W. J. Prudhomme

  6. Virginia Misc early

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