The death record of the grandfather of my great grandmother Maria Hausmann is recorded in the church books in Nieder Moos, Hessen Germany. It is record number 18 recorded on April 1, 1852 the day of his burial it appears. Gottlieb Fischer war born July 5, 1798 in Alten Schlirf a short distance to the North and died on March 29, 1852 mid-day around the 3 hour in the afternoon after "geschehnen glaubhafter Anzeige" (believed to have taken place) zu Pfarrei geh�rigen filiala, Metzlos Gehaag (in the area belonging to the church in Metzlos Gehaag) He was a "Dasige" (from this place) Ortsb�rger and Ackermann, that is person with citizen or voting rights and a land owner farmer. Above is the a photo of the actual record as recorded on mircofilm. When he died he was 53 years, 8 months and 24 days old and was buried on April 1, 1852 apparently in Metzlos Gehaag, Hessen. He was given a Christian burial with as customary service with a "�ffentlich beerdigt" (public burial). Those witness noted as present were Johnnes Eurich, the son from Anna Katharina Eurich from Metzlos Gehaag and Johannes Simmermacher, des Gro�Herzoglicher Schulvicar (Hessen government school teacher vicar for Metzlos). The both signed as witnesses, as did the pastor, Ludwig R�schen, Pfarrvicar, also a vicar.